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Meet the Trainer

Sarah Wolfgang is the owner and head dog trainer for Wolfgang Dog Training. 

From a very young age Sarah has always been obsessed with dogs, spending most of her free time and weekend volunteering to help find homes for shelter dogs. After spending more than 8 years of her youth in the animal rescue field, Sarah founded and operated America's first Dog Cafe right in the heart of Los Angeles. The Dog Cafe rescued, rehabilitated, and re-homed nearly 1,000 dogs ranging in different breeds and behaviors, often times taking on some of the most difficult cases. Sarah trained and rehabilitated countless dogs often deemed, "un-adoptable," before successfully being able to help them find their forever homes. 

Sarah uses her lengthy experience and profound ability to connect with dogs to help educate owners and their dogs. She focuses on helping find balance so that owners can discover a second wave of joy and subsequently more freedom with their dogs. Sarah focuses on behavior modification and basic obedience through balanced training methods. 

With well over 10 years and countless hours of professional dog training experience, Sarah is ready and excited to help you and your dog achieve the relationship of your dreams. 

Our Team
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